What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Most of us have heard of workers’ compensation, but if you have never had been injured on the job and had a reason to file a workers’ compensation claim, chances are you might not be too familiar with what it covers. If you have recently suffered a workplace injury and are now wondering what workers’ compensation will cover during this difficult time, we have broken down a list of what these crucial benefits provide. Make sure you hire an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters, so your case can move along efficiently.

Below is a list of what workers’ compensation insurance can cover:

  • Medical costs to treat injuries and illnesses: Whether your injury was caused by a one-time incident or developed over a span of time, such as a repetitive stress injury, you are entitled to compensation that will cover the costs of your doctor’s visits, treatment, medication, and other medical bills associated with your workplace injury or illness.
  • Lost wages: Since you are injured and unable to go to work, workers’ compensation will also cover a portion of your lost wages. They will continue to be paid until you are able to resume your job duties.
  • Ongoing care: In some cases, an injury or illness is so severe that ongoing care, such as surgery, rehabilitation, and treatment from specialists are necessary. Even if you are never able to return to your job, your employer’s workers’ compensation company would still be responsible for covering the cost of your care.
  • Funeral costs and death benefits: In the event that the injury or illness sustained was fatal, workers’ compensation insurance can cover the funds for funeral expenses, relieving the financial burden from the employee’s family, so they can focus on grieving.

Remember, not all workers are covered by workers’ compensation. For example, independent contractors cannot receive these benefits, so make sure you understand what you are entitled to and reach out to an attorney for the skilled legal guidance you need during this time.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Santa Ana

If you were injured at your place of work, you should not hesitate to hire a skilled workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you are able to obtain the benefits you need during your period of recovery. At Ufkes & Bright, our team of workers’ compensation attorneys in Santa Ana is dedicated to fighting on behalf of injured workers. Backed by over 50 years of legal experience, you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands with us.

Get started on your workers’ compensation claim today and reach out to our office at (714) 909-2609 to request a free initial case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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