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At Ufkes & Bright, our Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyers provide hands-on service for injured workers, ensuring that each client gets the personal attention and fully qualified counsel they deserve.

We bring more than 50 years of combined claims experience and a rich history of success achieving substantial settlements for our clients.

Our law firm takes pride in being able to deliver big firm results in a small firm atmosphere where you, our client, is put first.

If you have any questions about your legal rights after a work injury, our legal advocates are ready to provide knowledgeable advice and trusted legal support.

Many people face these questions regarding the workers' compensation process itself:

  • How to proceed if your case has been denied
  • What to do if medical treatment has been denied
  • How to best protect your job after you make a work injury claim
  • How to receive the maximum allowable benefits under the California Labor Code

We can assist you determine your eligibility, meticulously prepare the necessary legal paperwork, guide you through the workers' compensation system, represent you before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and ultimately ensure you receive all benefits and the most favorable resolution of your claim.

If you have suffered from an on-the-job accident, work-related illness or believe you have suffered physical or emotional injuries which developed over the course of your employment, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages/salary, medical expenses and other benefits.

Benefits You May Collect

Workers’ compensation benefits packages may vary slightly from state to state or from occupation to occupation in rare cases.

For the most part, a person who qualifies for benefits or their qualifying family members will be able to receive compensation in four main forms to help them live a comfortable life.

Your coverage likely includes:

  • Medical: You can get financial assistance to help pay for whatever medical bills your health insurance has not covered. However, accepting medical benefits through workers’ compensation, may not permit you to choose what doctor sees you.
  • Temporary disability: You may be able to collect compensatory wages while you recover for wages you missed. Temporary disability benefits will begin after missing days or weeks of work due to your injury preventing you from completing normal tasks.
  • Permanent disability: When a doctor diagnoses that you will never fully recover from your injury and therefore can never work safely, you can qualify for permanent disability benefits that help pay for medical costs and day-to-day expenses.
  • Death: When a loved one dies due to a work-related injury, surviving spouses and children can collect death benefits, which may cover funeral expenses and a portion of wages the decedent should have earned in their lifetime.

Occupational Illnesses & Workers’ Comp Claims

Not all workers’ compensation claims will be based on a physical injury that can be readily identified, such as a bone fracture or laceration.

Many workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals, substances, and diseases on a regular basis, such as doctors and nurses, and they may subsequently become ill from their employment.

When this occurs, it is known as an occupational illness and it qualifies the worker for benefits if the illness is chronic or strong enough to prevent them from working.

In high-stress level jobs, such as a police officer or firefighter, mental anguish, and heart attacks can sometimes be considered an occupational illness.

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Has Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied?

If your employer is disputing a workplace accident or a work-related illness, or the insurance company flat out denied your claim, then you still have legal recourse. It may be possible to review the claim for any misfiled or missing paperwork, and you may be able to petition the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) to reconsider your claim. Our Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyers can help you determine why your claim was denied, represent you in WCAB hearings, and more.

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