Blog Posts in May, 2017

  • When Can I Return to Work After Filing for Workers' Comp?

    When people file for workers’ compensation, they might be nervous about returning to their employer. However, it will benefit both you and your company to go back to your job as smoothly as possible. Your business won’t be shorthanded, and you won’t be stuck at home with little to do. Here are a few things to establish before deciding to get back to work. Talk to Your Doctor Before returning to ...
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  • Your Workers' Rights When Filing for Workers' Comp

    If you have been injured at work , it is important that you understand what your legal rights are at every stage of the workers’ compensation claims process. We have seen many instances where a worker misses out on workers’ comp benefits because they did not know their rights. Whether you are dealing with your employer or the insurance company, knowing your rights can be a powerful way to protect ...
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  • Jobs with Most Injuries

    Millions of workers are injured every year on the job. Workplace accidents can happen to any industry and any occupation. However, studies have shown that certain industries have a higher rate of injury due to the nature of their jobs and working conditions. Read below for an overview of the most injury-prone industries. According to the study, the top deadliest occupations in the country include: ...
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