Jobs with Most Injuries

Millions of workers are injured every year on the job. Workplace accidents can happen to any industry and any occupation. However, studies have shown that certain industries have a higher rate of injury due to the nature of their jobs and working conditions. Read below for an overview of the most injury-prone industries.

According to the study, the top deadliest occupations in the country include:

  • Construction work: The construction workers have one of the highest rates of fatal and nonfatal injuries because they deal with dangers every day – heavy equipment, electric sources, power lines, heights, and more.
  • Logging and woodwork occupations: Loggers often work with heavy duty machines, under poor weather conditions, and at high altitudes.
  • Fishermen and fishing-related jobs: Accidents on fishing vessels are common at sea due to malfunctioning equipment and poor weather. Workers in the fishing industry are particularly affected by the weather because they work primarily outdoors.
  • Aircraft pilots: Working at high altitudes inherently adds greater risks to the job. Although pilots and flight engineers are compensated well for their work, they typically have a high rate of injury.
  • Roofers: Workers in the roofing industry work are prone to falls, skin injuries from working under the sun all day, and other serious injuries.
  • Agricultural workers: Even though modern technology has made agricultural work relatively easier than in the past, day-to-day jobs still require the use of heavy equipment, long hours, and labor-intensive work.
  • Transportation workers: Operators of motor vehicles often spend long hours on the roads, exposing themselves to a greater risk of an auto accident. Injuries are often caused by crashes, vehicle defects, and poor road or weather conditions.

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