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  • Attorney Ufkes Becomes a State Bar Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist in CA

    On behalf of Ufkes & Bright , we would like to congratulate Attorney Mark A. Ufkes for becoming a State Bar Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist by the California State Bar. State Bar certification is the highest level of specialization available for the legal industry. Attorney Ufkes is also an active member of the California Applicant Attorney’s Association. He is a second-generation ...
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  • Jobs with Most Injuries

    Millions of workers are injured every year on the job. Workplace accidents can happen to any industry and any occupation. However, studies have shown that certain industries have a higher rate of injury due to the nature of their jobs and working conditions. Read below for an overview of the most injury-prone industries. According to the study, the top deadliest occupations in the country include: ...
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  • Women File Lawsuit for Workers' Compensation Gender Discrimination

    A class-action lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, is taking on the systematic discrimination of women by the California workers’ compensation system. The lawsuit, filed by a group of women and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California State Council, alleges that the administration of the workers compensation system sanctions discriminatory practices which violate ...
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  • California Bodybuilder Accused of Workers' Compensation Fraud

    Newbury Park resident Jacob Finerty has come under fire for allegedly competing in several “Strongman” competitions while on paid leave from his position in the Santa Barbara Police Department. Finerty began collecting workers’ compensation benefits in 2013 after he reportedly injured himself while on duty. According to sources at the independent , Finerty is alleged to have collected more than ...
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