California Bodybuilder Accused of Workers' Compensation Fraud

Newbury Park resident Jacob Finerty has come under fire for allegedly competing in several “Strongman” competitions while on paid leave from his position in the Santa Barbara Police Department. Finerty began collecting workers’ compensation benefits in 2013 after he reportedly injured himself while on duty. According to sources at the independent, Finerty is alleged to have collected more than $130,000 in salary and benefits during each of the two years in which he actively competed and trained for the extreme sports competitions.

During Strongman events, contestants are judged based on feats of immense strength such as lifting unwieldy concrete stones, moving rubber tires, and dragging giant metal chains. Finerty not only competed in these contests but he also won multiple events. Most recently, he placed first in the heavyweight division of the California’s Strongest Man Contest held in Huntington Beach, a competition in which he had placed third the year before. During this time he is also reported to have held a position as a fitness trainer at a gym.

A complaint was filed against Finerty on May 24 by the district attorney’s office, at which time he was placed on unpaid leave. During a June 24th arraignment, he pled not guilty to four felony counts related to fraudulently filing and collecting workers’ compensation insurance. The next update to the events surrounding Mr. Finerty will come on august the 8th when another hearing is scheduled in this ongoing case.

The case against Mr. Finerty is yet to be decided and this story highlights the problems which can arise when worker’s compensation fraud is suspected. Whenever filing a claim it is vital to comply with each regulation and rule in order to help reduce the risk of legal complications such as denial of a claim or worse. While Mr. Finerty’s actions may end as a cautionary tale, the full details surrounding his case are yet to be uncovered.

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