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Auto Manufacturing Injury Claims

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Auto worker employees have difficult jobs in high stress industrial areas. There are many onsite hazards that could lead to an on-the-job accident. Even when everyone acts carefully and responsibly, someone could end up hurt. Workers’ compensation benefits should be made readily available to any auto worker who gets injured while performing expected job duties.

Our Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyers of Ufkes & Bright are here to help make certain you get the financial assistance you need after an accident while employed as an auto worker. From filing an initial workers’ comp claim to appealing and fighting denied benefits or delayed claims, our law firm is well-equipped to tackle any and all aspects of your case. You can rest easy knowing a highly experienced team is on your side — we have more than 50 years of total legal experience!

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Most Common Auto Manufacturing Injuries

Industrial sites that manufacture automobiles and auto parts are busy and crowded. The environment can pose a hazard in numerous forms.

Some dangers or accidents an autoworker might encounter on a day-to-day basis include:

  • Slipping and falling on loose debris or cabling
  • Struck by falling object
  • Crushed in or between heavy industrial equipment
  • Burn injuries or vision loss due to arc welding accidents
  • Hearing loss from extended time spent around loud machinery
  • Electrocution

The important thing to remember when dealing with your workers’ compensation claim is that liability should be a nonissue. Benefits should be made available to an injured auto worker regardless of the cause of the accident, as long as the accident happened due to or during the completion of an expected work duty. Some employers and insurance companies try to deny workers’ compensation benefits by saying an employee was injured due to their own mistake. Even if that is true, it does not disqualify them from workers’ comp benefits.

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The toughest part of filing a workers’ compensation claim is often getting the confidence to start. Asking your employer for financial aid due to a work injury can feel intimidating. You can depend on our Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyers to be there by your side and leading the way for all steps of your claim. We proudly represent and fight for the working class, from auto workers to airplane industry workers and more.

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