Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • California Workers' Compensation System Vulnerable to Fraud

    In many ways, scamming the program meant to heal California’s injured workers is too easy. Whether it be in the form of individuals siphoning funds out of the state by posing as caregivers or medical vendors simply by sending a letter to the state without any vetting, or from dishonest providers running up bills worth tens of thousands of dollars for unnecessary tests and equipment, the state’s ...
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  • Quick Tips to Help with Workers' Compensation Claims

    Just like dealing with the consequences of an on-the-job injury , navigating through the California workers’ compensation system isn’t easy – especially if your claim has been delayed or denied . While the road ahead may indeed be difficult, just as countless other workers before you have made it through, and you can, too. To help you prepare for what is in store, consider the following tips. ...
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