What to Watch Out for When Speaking to the Insurance Adjuster

After you begin the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim, you will likely begin dealing with the insurance adjuster that represents your employer’s insurance company. These conversations can have a lot of weight on your case, so it is important to know what to look out for and how to conduct yourself to avoid potentially derailing your chances of obtaining the benefits you need during this difficult time. Of course, one of the first things you should do is hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will help you navigate the claims process.

We have also compiled a list of helpful tips that you should keep in mind when dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster:

  • Do not give a recorded statement: You are not obligated to provide a recorded statement, so you should decline this request. This is particularly good advice if you are in pain or under the influence of potent pain medications that might affect your judgment. A recorded statement can easily be used against you if you accidentally say the wrong thing, so politely refuse to make a statement or, if you want to make a statement, first consult with your attorney.
  • Decline requests to settle quickly: If an insurance adjuster believes your injuries are especially severe, it is likely that a settlement offer will be made to quickly settle your case before you grasp the severity of your injuries. Once you settle your claim, you will not be able to go back and undo it. Before you sign on the dotted line or agree to anything, run it by your attorney to check if it is fair and reasonable. Otherwise, you are rolling the dice on your future.
  • Do not heed the adjuster’s advice regarding legal representation: The insurance adjuster will also try to convince you that you do not need legal representation, but you should not heed this advice. It is in your best interest that you have a legal advocate on your side to help ensure you do not make any unnecessary or costly mistakes. Remember, the insurance adjuster is looking out for his or her employer. Your attorney is looking out for you.
  • Understand your benefits: You should not rely on the insurance adjuster to tell you what your workers’ compensation benefits are. It is not uncommon for an adjuster to misrepresent the benefits to which you are entitled, especially if you do not have an attorney. This is another reason why hiring an attorney is an important step. An adjuster will be far less likely to attempt to take advantage of you if he or she knows you have access to skilled legal guidance.

Ultimately, as long as you hire an attorney to assist you throughout the process of filing for workers’ compensation, you can avoid the likelihood of an adjuster keeping you from obtaining the benefits you deserve.

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