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  • Can I Receive Workers’ Comp if I Have a Preexisting Condition?

    When everything runs smoothly, receiving workers’ compensation is easy. In the best-case scenarios, you file the paperwork, get your compensation, and move on. No big deal. This situation, of course, is not always the case. As an insurance benefit, workers’ comp filters through an insurer who always protects its bottom line. You can be denied for the smallest, most technical of reasons. This ...
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  • How Preexisting Injuries Affect Workers' Compensation

    Even if you have preexisting conditions, it does not mean that you are ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits . Employers are required to take a worker “as they are” and not discriminate between a healthy employee and one who is vulnerable to injuries. Any work-related injuries , whether they are old or new, may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. You can find out if your condition ...
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